Coon Family

COON FAMILY - Spencer, Chelsea, Preston & Lylah

Monday, May 5, 2014

Preston's Birthday Continued...

Preston's birthday was more like a week long thing! But on the exact birth day he got to open more presents! He got exactly what he wanted. Tons of legos, lego books & the lego batman movie! He was thrilled!

When Spencer got home we took the kids to the aquarium & dinner! 

On Sunday we also had a Coon family birthday party for him!! He was most definitely spoiled!! We all love Preston SO much!

Happy Birthday Preston! Preston is such a joy in our family. He is always wanting to please us and tries so hard to always do the right thing. He is full of life! Loves to play, imagine, make friends, and is always going non stop! Preston is so smart, funny, and witty! He makes us laugh with his comments all the time! He's such a handsome boy and reminds me so much of his daddy! We are the luckiest to call him ours! Love you my favorite boy! 

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Preston's Birthday Party!...

Preston was SO excited to have his first friend birthday party this year! He loved putting together his party favors! The card says " Thank you so much for coming to my party!!! You helped make it so much fun! You are a great friend! -Preston. P.S.- Here is a few of my favorite things! Sprite, Starbursts, & playing cops and robbers!" 

We had his party at FlipSide. He invited Hudson, Logan, Mikee, Hunter, Daniel, Porter, Isaac, Wyatt & Crew! These boys were so fun and had a blast together! They had pizza, doughnuts & opened presents first! 

Then we played bumper cars, laser tag, play area with shooting balls & arcade games! 

I told them to give me their "game" faces haha thats why some of them are very serious!

Preston said it was the best birthday party ever! So glad he loved it! We love that birthday boy sooo much!

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

California Adventure...

 California Adventure was a ton of fun! This was our last day so we didn't stay as long but we felt like we did everything we wanted! 

We all had tons of churros! 

Probably my favorite pic of the whole trip! Lylah wanted to meet Minnie Mouse so bad! She fell asleep when I spotted her so I waited in line and woke her up to see her. She saw her shoes first and was SO excited! She loved her! 

Kids were zonked out before we even left the park...4 days of complete California fun will do that to you! 

It was an awesome vacation! Thanks Spencer!! 

Monday, April 28, 2014

Beach Day 2...

It was a little colder at the beach this time around hence the jackets! That did not stop Preston from running into the waves and getting soaked though! 

Lylah loved to find seashells!

Water for sand castles

Lylah loved to also chase the birds...shes a funny girl! 

Ly also got SUPER grouchy. She had a long day at Disneyland the day before and didn't sleep that good. She was a non stop mess most of the day! 

Grandpa & Grandma bought kites. It was a perfect day for them too! 

Had to capture some of the grouchy"ness"!

Sunday, April 27, 2014


We finally made it to Disneyland! It was a little overcast and was perfect weather BUT it was BUSY! We were a little sad about it and Preston got a little impatient waiting in lines. But we did go with Aunt Cathy and she had a wheel chair so we were able to get into some fast lanes too! Prestons favorite ride was Splash Mountain! 

Preston wanted to buy his own souvenirs. He just thinks hes so big! 

Lylah was so excited to see Mickey!

We stood in line for about an hour just so we could meet Princesses. She was dying to meet Rapunzel but of course she wasn't there. Luckily Cinderella was! 

Aunt Cathy HATES pictures! But I was able to sneak a couple...Lylah really got close to her! I love that my kids got the opportunity to bond with her. They just love her! 

We had a great day! We aren't HUGE Disneyland fans but I'm sure we'll go every few years!