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COON FAMILY - Spencer, Chelsea, Preston & Lylah

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Prestons Baby Blessing

Preston Spencer Coon was blessed on June 7, 2009 by his daddy. Spencer did an amazing job, his blessing brought me to tears...but im sure it does to all mommys. We had alot of family and friends show up and the testimonys that day were wonderful. I had my family over to our house after sacrament meeting and it was great to have them here and to visit. We then went over to Spencers parents house where his family all met up for the evening. It was alot of fun and we appreciate seeing everyones smiling faces and for all their support. Debbie remembered to write down the blessing so that we have it and can show preston when hes older, i didnt think of doing that so i was very excited. I didnt take as many pictures as id liked to but that seems to always happen. Heres a few....enjoy! Preston and Uncle Tanner....looks like he lost a sock haha
He looks so serious but oh so cute..

He was happy and trying to tell me something haha

All in white...

Our little family...please dont look at me in this you can see im still holding onto those pregnancy pounds...dont worry ill lose it!

Looking at our sweet baby...what would we ever do without you?


The Ryan's said...

Oh So exciting Chels!! He is getting so big! Congrats! He is just so adorable!

Kyle Katie and Talen Slone said...

Thats so neat!!! he is so darn stinkin cute, just adorable! Hope you guys are doing wonderful!

Taylor and Amanda Lines said...

that was a special day! spencer did a great job, it brought ME to tears! lol i am a cry baby! but you looked beautiful, being a mama suits you well! :] we need to come and see your casa!