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Monday, September 26, 2011

We're Home!!...

We finally made it back from our 5 week stay in Utah. We had a lot of fun but it feels so good to be home. We sure missed seeing Spenc everyday and I am so ready to be a normal family again and start up our new routine. I really have SO much to do today but thought I'd take a break and catch up on some blogging :). I wanted to post some "before Lylah" pictures first and then I'll post some more pics of her another day. 

While we were in Utah we went to a LOT of volleyball games. It was a blast to watch my sister ( she really is an awesome volleyball player ). Preston was SO good at the games and always seemed to make little friends and would cheer for Court. It was so cute! 

Spenc came up for a couple of the weekends. One of the weekends we took Preston to a really cool park called Discovery Park and it was all made out of wood and we all had so much fun there.

We also went up to the Mountains again...

And 2 days before Lylah was born, my family from Utah threw me a surprise baby shower :) It was sooo fun and sooo sweet of them. I really appreciated it and how thoughtful they were of me. They are SO sweet!

Okay that about sums up all the pictures I took before little Lylah I better get to my unpacking and organizing rooms. I get to start decorating Lylahs room! I just need to decide on colors...

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