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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Baby Shower 3-28-09

Last saturday i had a baby shower at my mother-in-laws house and it turned out wonderful. I had so many people come and support me and i cant even begin to say how much i appreciated it. I got so much that we deffinantly needed ( tons of cute clothes, some great books, a stroller/car seat combo, travel play crib, toys, diapers...etc). Its all coming together and i cant believe how soon he is coming! My mom has really helped me a ton, she pretty much did the entire shower, and has been the biggest supporter. Shes the best mom anyone could ask for and i would be lucky if i was just like her. I love her so much. Ive been thinking alot lately about family and how lucky i am to have such an amazing family and that i was able to marry into a great family. My children will have the best examples to look up to and i appreciate it. Im so unbelievably thankful that i was sealed to spencer in the temple for all time and eternity. My family really is forever and i will never loose that. Its the greatest gift God has ever given me. My mom, Court, Me and Corinne

All the cute clothes hangin on the clothes line!

The yummy food! Thanks to all who made it!

The Presents!


Kyle Katie and Talen Slone said...

Looks like it was so much fun!!! I'm glad you got all kinds of good stuff :) Let me know if you ever need anything, or need any little boy clothes. I'm sure you got lots but they grow out of them so darn fast lol and I have lots and lots! Hope your doing well :)

Brandi said...

hey girlly im so sorry i missed it! but your present is in the mail! i cant wait for you to get it! it turned out so cute! let me know how your doing! love you!

TrAvIs aNd SaVaNnA said...

Ah you girls are so cute. Your baby shower looked so cute. Hope everything is going great for you!!!!!

Seth & Erin Finch said...

Hey Chels, I hope everything is going well for ya!! Soon you'll be a mom, crazy! I miss seeing you all, hopefully soon well get to see everyone!