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Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Nursery!

Im so excited we finally got Prestons room all ready...we just have a few finishing touches to do but its pretty much complete and i think it turned out pretty darn cute! I am getting so excited for him to get here! I just had an appointment on friday and im dialated to a 2 and im starting to feel alot of pressure. I really want him to stay cookin for a couple of weeks just to make sure hes healthy so hopefully he will. Im 36 weeks so if he does decide to come now at least i know hell be okay.

This is the changing table/dresser

The room is super small so as you can see everything is sqeezed in tight...we barely have room

Our cute stork balloon from the baby shower haha

The crib! Dont worry we will put the rail on! But you can see the cute beddng better this way!

Our bags are all packed and ready to go! What a relief...i love feeling prepared.


Brandi said...

oh its super cute chelsea! i love it. did the package get there ok? i hope so love you!

Kyle Katie and Talen Slone said...

Oh Chelsea, I absolutly LOVE the room!!! It is so so cute! Love the baby blue and brown, those were Kyle and I's wedding colors :) lol The letters you made for preston look great too!! And the bedding the is just the cutest thing ever!!!

Kacie said...

It looks so cute Chels!! I bet your so excited. I remember these last couple weeks. Its a bittersweet thing, you want him to stay in as long as possible (we LOVE chunky babieS) but you can't wait to finally hold him and love on him! Cherish any sleep you are getting right now, just in case he is not a good sleeper. Tatum was awful!!!! The only way she would sleep was if we put her in her Vibrating bouncer and put that in the bathroom with the water running!!!! ALL NIGHT LONG! Luckily, we didn't pay for water haha!! But then I had Gracie and I expected the same thing, and from the very beginning she slept perfect. Hope for the best Chelsea!!! But then, even if Preston doesn't sleep well, he will still be so dang cute, it wont even matter if you are sleeping!! Call me if you need anything, even though I am so far away!! And I better get to hear when you go in! 928-457-0346

Taylor and Amanda Lines said...

your nursery is darling!!!! and i love the bedding... super cute find especially for a lil boy! :-D i am sooo excited for preston to come! we cant wait to meet him!