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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Life according to Spencer's phone...

Spencer has been pretty good about talking pictures when I'm not around. He has been taking Preston a lot lately and he always comes home to show me pictures. He's the best daddy. I also found pictures from when we were in Utah to have Lylah that I liked.

Spencer took Preston one day in Utah to ride the ranger and some dirtbikes. They had so much fun. He's sitting with his cousin Riley :).

We had dinner one night at my Aunt Merrie and Uncle Heaths house. Preston loved to play with their kids.

Right after sweet Lylah was born. She's so adorable.

When we came home Preston really wanted to hold Lylah...she was a bit squirmy haha.

Preston has been taking showers with Spenc in the mornings ( helps me out a ton! no more baths haha ) and he always chills on our bed in his towel.

We couldn't hear Preston one night and found him in his room reading. Gosh he's too cute.

Spenc and his baby girl...

This tractor was outside Bashas in Flagstaff. He just had to ride it. Look at his cute hair style. Can you believe I let him out of the house like this? haha I can't...

On Thanksgiving he went out on the lake. It was cold...

I guess he fell asleep and Spenc made him a bed right here. People didn't realize he was there and started throwing their clothes on him haha. When Spencer first showed me the picture I didn't even see preston! I thought maybe Preston just took a pic of nothing haha.

The day after Thanksgiving Spenc took Preston out shooting and to ride the dirt bikes. He had a blast.

And we put our tree up last week! Preston had SO much fun decorating it!

I have a lot of pictures from our fun weekend that I will hopefully post tomorrow!!!

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Danny & Alyssa Coon said...

I love the picture of Preston decorating the tree, your lights seem to really be glowing, which is really hard to capture on camera!