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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Happy Birthday Spencer...

Spencer turned 27. I read in a magazine that your prime year is 26, so I guess its just downhill from here haha jk! Spencer is lucky enough to take a big racing trip with his dad every year for his birthday. They go to Buttonwillow, CA and race some of his dads cars. They always have a good time and they always have stories to tell when they get back. I used to hate it cause I felt like I could never spend his birthday with him but it kinda lets me off the hook and I don't hate it so much anymore haha. Plus I wouldn't be able to afford anything like the trip they take anyway! I'm just glad he always has such a fun time!

Spencer was driving one of his buddys cars and it somehow let out the air bags on one of their turns!

Spencer has been going to the lake a lot as well, I guess its not to cold yet! He made a few more friends with boats so its been easier for him to go.

Since graduating in May he has just been working full time. No more trying to go to school full time on top of everything else. It has been SO nice. We all absolutely love the extra time he has now to spend with us! Spencer is the most hard working and honest guy I know. He's seriously really good at everything I'm not and I know without a doubt he was just meant for me. I love him more then anyone in this world. Here's to 27+ more birthdays babe! XOXO!

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