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COON FAMILY - Spencer, Chelsea, Preston & Lylah

Thursday, February 28, 2013

February Fun...

My kids really love each other and I have a few pictures to prove it! I hope they will always be close and have fun with each other. Love them so much!

I have this head pillow that helps when I get Migraines. Lylah loved to copy Mom!

Passed out at the grocery store!

Preston with his favorite neighbor friends Porter and Hunter. They pretended to have a Bike Shop and they were fixing their bikes. It was so cute! Oh how I love little boys and their imagination! 

Lylah has been such a mess at Church! We can't wait for Nursery ;)

We also celebrated Kamdens 2nd Birthday at the Sea Life Aquarium. It was a blast!

Me and Preston built his Lego Police Station...this boy LOVES his legos!

We also had Radley's 1st Birthday this month too. He had the cutest little helicopter party!

We had some sick days...

This girl loves her daddy! ( They also love going to Petco to look at the animals! )

Playing in Hail!

Courtney, Tanner and Keeley also came to visit!!!

We also took lots of walks to the Library. We love stopping to feed and see the animals on the way!

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