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Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentines 2013

I love Valentines Day! I love to think about how lucky I am to have found someone who loves me so much and loves our family more then anything. I love to think about how I could NOT love Spencer any more then I do. And that how my children are the cutest things ever and the love I have for them is undescribable. There is SO much love to be found around our parts! We are all so lucky! 

This year me and Corinne made the boys the cutest shirts!

Preston also made his Valentines for school and signed his name for each one. I was so proud of him!

My cutest kids on Valentines morning!

This is one of my most favorite pictures of Preston! He brought roses to his teachers! Such a lady killer ;)

He is also one of his mommies favorite Valentines!

But my favorite Valentine EVER is this guy! He was so thoughtful and sweet this year! He handmade each one of these paper roses and inside each one was something he loved about me. I cant express how much it meant to me. He's the BEST. Love you, Spencer, with my whole heart. Forever and Ever baby!

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