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COON FAMILY - Spencer, Chelsea, Preston & Lylah

Monday, September 30, 2013

September is gone...

The months pass by SO comes the holiday months and i cant wait! Here are the last pics of September!

Preston's nose is slowly getting better! Its not as puffy and its not as green!

Movie time with my favorites! We saw Planes! 

The birthday girl in her new sunday dress!

One of Lylah's messiest moments...( excuse the little booby )

Princess Lylah...she thinks shes too big to ride in the cart...she now wants to ride outside it!

A warm day at the zoo! We had to buy the water fan!

Zoo time! We love our passes!

Me and my love at a benefit dinner and auction!

Fun at the Arizona science center with Alyssa and Radley!

Playing at the park!

Superhero cousins!

My new bike!! Its actually a really late Mother's day gift. I've wanted one forever BUT I didn't want it until I had a shed to put it in because I didn't want it to fade and look ugly. So we got a shed this month and I finally picked one out! Perfect timing cause the weather is finally cooling down!

Our first bike ride! Lylah LOVES that seat. I highly recommend it! She feels like shes the one in charge and I can talk to her and its just so fun! 

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