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COON FAMILY - Spencer, Chelsea, Preston & Lylah

Monday, January 27, 2014

Arizona Winters...

The Arizona Winters is why I put up with the summers! It is beautiful and the weather is absolutely perfect! I also can't help but be so grateful for where I live. We have so many fun places to just leave from our house and ride our bikes! Makes me really want to find our next house super close so we can still be able to enjoy our family bike rides! We leave our house and ride back to the canal and take that down to the riparian reserve. This time we rode through the reserve and found a good fishing spot! 

Preston amazes me with how fast he picks up on things. It takes him a bit to get his confidence up but once he believes in himself then there's no turning back! He rides his bike like a pro! 

Best bike carrier ever. Period. Me and Lylah talk the whole time! I LOVE that shes in front of me instead of in the back! 

My favorite man. My favorite boy. I'm the luckiest. 

My favorite girl. 

Handsome hubby. 

Exploring and jumping around. Oh how I love her. 

Waiting for a fish to bite! 

One happy girl. 

Cutest little fisherman ever. 

Me and my babies...

They are pretty silly most of the time! 

Mommy and Daughter love. 

Mom knows how to fish too! 

Me and my lover. Excuse the booty...please tell me it doesn't always look that large! Preston did a good job taking this picture! 

We stopped to feed the animals on our way back home. 

Kids love to stop and see them every time we ride through here! It was a great Saturday family date night! I am truly blessed. 

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Huntsmans said...

Such cute pictures! It's crazy watching you're winters compared to Idaho's they are quiet different. I had no idea I choose the same background as you till now. :) it's a cute one!