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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Zoo day for the record books...

We have zoo passes so we go to the zoo quite often. The best part is my kids never get sick of it! Its always fun for them and always a pretty good work out for me. Win, win right!? Another big bonus is Corinne and Kamden have passes too! So we always have friends with us when we go! This time was one of the most interesting trips we've taken. First off...the animals were AWESOME! 

Well, at the very end of our trip we were having a blast with the lions and tigers. Usually they are a total bore but this time they were growling and fighting with each other and it was just so cool! So we were over at the Tiger exhibit and they were out laying food for it to eat. Well i was trying to get my camera ready when Corinne tells Preston to get his feet out of the exhibit! He climbed up and was sitting on the ledge with his feet dangling out. ( The tiger could never get him BUT he wasn't supposed to be in there like that ) So as he was getting out his shoe slipped off and fell into the tigers home! Preston was devasted! Crying and freaking out that he'd never see his shoe again, etc. It was dramatic...and he just couldn't let it go. So I of course took a picture of it haha! Anyways we decided to just find someone and ASK if there was anything we could do to get it back and the lady told us no that the tiger would just eat it. So we let it go and heard the lion again so we went and saw the lion. On our way out we passed the Tigers again and saw the lady who layed out the food in the exhibit again and guess what she had in her hand!? Yup the shoe! We yelled to her that it was ours and met her at the gate. Preston sure is lucky to get that shoe back and boy was he excited! 

It was a zoo day we probably won't forget!!

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