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COON FAMILY - Spencer, Chelsea, Preston & Lylah

Saturday, February 15, 2014


Preston had his last "Preschool" Valentines party. His Valentines were so cute and he was so excited to hand them out to all his friends. He also brought flowers to his teachers again this year. I really have no words to express the love I have for this handsome boy of mine! 

This little beauty of mine loved the roses and when I gave her one she was soo happy. Shes such a light in our home and makes us all smile continuously. We all love her more then we could ever say! 

Me and Spencer didn't take a picture this year...I don't know why we forgot but that's okay I'll share an oldie! 

This picture almost looks like a painting but this was on our 1st anniversary. We had a picnic in the canyons in Utah. Sometimes I wish we could relive moments, that was a really good day. 

Anyways I woke up Valentines Day morning and found little notes hidden everywhere in my house! It was perfect and I also got to stare at my favorite flowers all day too! Me and Spencer made dinner at home cause we both agree its just crazy trying to go out that night. It was a perfect day with my perfect man. I'm the luckiest ever and I can't even express the love that we have. I love him more and more everyday! 

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