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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Prestons 3 month pics!

Preston got his pictures taken today and i just think they turned out so cute! He is camera shy though and its so hard to get him to smile for a picture, he just stares at it haha. Well we did manage to get one with a little smirk and the rest hes just kinda looking but they still are so adorable. Its hard to not look cute when you look like he does! I wasnt planning on being in any of the pictures but the lady there talked me into being in a few. So here they are....Enjoy!

My Favorite!


Kacie said...

Chels! These turned out so cute. I really love the "love one" and then the one where he is smiling. He is so darn gorgeous. He is a good mix of you both but I see a lot of you in him. I was catching up on your blog and was the picture with Prestons hand in his mouth. My opinion, is I wouldn't worry. Gracie sucks her middle two fingers and I think its adorable. Later on, I will probably hate it. But whatever keeps them happy right? Hope you are doing good! And seriously, those pics coudn't get any cuter. And how nice to get them the same day as you take them!

The Lewis Lovebirds! said...

those pics just made me want my own. can i borrow him?

Colbi and Jeff said...

Haha! Oh he is so dang cute. I love the pictures with you in them - good idea! :)

Mckay and Sherry said...

Im so glad you found my blog!. Your little guy is so cute. and I love the pictures.