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Monday, August 17, 2009

Utah Trip!

We just took a little vaca to Utah and i have alot of posting to catch up on. The picture to the left is "packing" time we had just went and got some new garments and preston was having a good time playing with them while i was trying to hurry up and pack everything before spenc got home. Funny how the littlest things are the most fun haha. Well the day before we were going to leave our air conditioning was horribly hot and we had to stay the night at his parents because they werent able to come and fix it untill the next day. So that friday we only had a little time to get everything ready to go. The plan was to drive to flagstaff, sleep a little and then head on up to utah. We decided the earlier the better because Preston sleeps through the night now and it would be a whole lot easier to travel while hes asleep so we left around 3 am that morning. Well...on our way Preston pooped all over his clothes and then a few hours later when we stopped to change him again he peed all over everything before i could put his diaper on him haha he was a mess. But we finally arrived in Saratoga Springs around noon. Preston has been fussy with other people lately so i was a little nervous he was going to be a little stinker to everyone but he must have remembered my mom because he loved her right when we saw her. Well the first few days we were there i was bad and didnt take any pictures but we pretty much just chilled at my parents. Sunday we went to church and then my cousin Erin and her husband came over and we had alot of fun with them. We played some games and laughed alot...she is a funny funny girl! And then monday me and spenc and tanner went on a quad ride up the mountain by my parents. And i made everyone go and eat "Wingers" for lunch...i ate there a lot when i lived in idaho...good times. Well i decided it would be easier to do seperate posts for the fun things we did, we went to thanksgiving point and i forgot my camera so we took pictures on spencers phone so ill have to do that one later but ill do the rest now....

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