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COON FAMILY - Spencer, Chelsea, Preston & Lylah

Monday, August 17, 2009

Thanksgiving Point

Okay so these are the pictures that were on Spencers phone from Thanksgiving point...i totally looked horrible that day but i loved prestons little hat haha. He enjoyed looking at the animals and it turned out to be a fun day.
This is him riding a cow haha
sittin on the mower with grandma

Family pic on the trailer ride
In jail with Uncle Tanner

Happy boy on our way there!

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The Lewis Lovebirds! said...

Man, your brother and sister are getting so big, but soon i think preston will outgrow them both. He is so cute, he is growing fast he looks like a mini man! You are such a natural mom, it fits you so well. I'm so stinking happy for you!