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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Prestons Car

I found this car online and i fell in love with it :) Its a jumber/walker combo. It makes car noises and songs and it has a horn and some other things to play with. Ive been dying to get it and it finally came last night so i set it up when preston was in bed and this morning he got to play in it for the first time! He was all smiles...just luvin it! He thinks the steering wheel is dinner though haha he keeps slobering all over it. I just love this boy!


Brandi said...

oh gosh chels! he is just so cute! i love his jumper/walker. you will get good use out of that! my kids lived in their walkers! love you!

Taylor and Amanda Lines said...

okay im seriously obsessed with that car!!!! did they have a pink one??? lol that is tooo tooo cute and little prestaroo just makes it cuter!