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Monday, September 14, 2009

Show Low!

This last weekend me and preston took a trip up to show low to see my mom, tanner, courtney and my grandparents. My mom had to take courtney to her orthodontist appt (she only has 2 appts left so they are just traveling from utah instead of finding a new doctor and starting over there). But i think its a fabulous idea cause we get to see them more often! We stayed with my grandma and grandpa porter and i totally forgot to take pictures with them :( but i did remember to take pictures when we went over to my grandma bigelows house sunday evening. It was so wonderful to just chill in PERFECT weather and visit and play games. It was a very relaxing and fun weekend. I cant wait to do it again in november! I found these pics on my camera that tanner took and they are SO funny. That whole dumb red plant thing is totally in corinnes face...whats up with that? haha
And this one it looks like shes peeking through haha

Preston getting ready to fall asleep on grandma...he just loves her so much

Playing with Aunt Corinne

I was making Preston laugh and Courtney was trying to hurry and get the picture...a couple of them turned out super cute

I love this picture!

Funny Faces

Preston and Aunt Courtney!

Mommy and Preston...he looks so surprised..not really knowing what to think haha

Preston and Grandma was so good so see and visit her. I miss her so much


The Lewis Lovebirds! said...

Man you should have said you were going. we could have carpooled and showed preston our moves (i think together we might still have em'!). i have been looking for an excuse to go so bad. i'm a momma's girl in a BAD way and its been like almost a month!

Taylor and Amanda Lines said...

he is so cute i just want to eat him up!!!!! :] :] where did my gym friend go??? tear... :[