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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Rocking Chair

I dont know if ive been watching too much HGTV or what but i have been in the "decorating" mode. I want to fix EVERYTHING and im constantly thinking of things to buy to make my home cuter...its not really a good thing. But i have a few older pieces of furniture that are super cute but are just in need of some luvin. The first one is a little kids rocking was actually mine when i was little so its like 20 years old. I think its just adorable but it was looking a little old so i sanded it down and painted it. I love how it turned out. I am doing a tv hutch and an outdoor bench too but those arent done yet so ill post them when they are finished! before...


Up Close..

I had to get a picture with the cute boy haha!


Taylor and Amanda Lines said...

haha oh look at him!!! he is sooooooo cute! i just love him! good job too on the chair chels! we need to get together and do some home projects!!! :-D

Bryan & Celinda said...

yah!!! I love painting furniture!!! I made that balnket!!ya I am so glad to see you have it out!!! I worry when I make things for people!! We need to hang out!!! Luv ya!!! =)