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Monday, August 19, 2013

Utah/ Tanner & Keeley get Married!...

We took a trip to Utah for Tanner & Keeley's wedding, see family, and to celebrate our Anniversary!

We got into town just in time to go to the temple with Tanner and Keeley while they got their endowments. So glad we were able to be there. Me and Spencer got to be the witness couple as well so we really felt a part of it. 

My parents had a BBQ the night before the wedding for our family. It was so fun to see everyone and Preston LOVED playing with all my cousins kids!

Preston, Corbin, Bowen & Etsi! Too much cuteness!

We tried putting curlers in Lylah's hair but her hair was too thin and it didn't work!

Lylah was so worn out that she passed out on the bathroom floor while I was brushing my teeth haha. 

At the temple! Such a perfect day!

I absolutely LOVED their cake. The building and everything about the wedding was SO cute and so them!

Lylah was hands down the cutest flower girl EVER! But don't be deceived by that cute face...she was also the naughtiest!!  

My little family at the wedding!

My mom and sisters! Just missing the busy bride!

Spencer and Justin were so excited to trash their car! 

My kids loved the treats at the wedding!

After the wedding we all got to relax! We played tons of games and just hung out together! We loved the fire pit and making smores!

Me and Spencer took a couple days to spend time with each other for our 6th Anniversary! My parents watched our kids and we were so thankful! The first day we hiked to 5th water hot springs. We took the wrong path at the hike ended up being longer than we thought plus we didn't bring enough water or any food! Haha we still had fun though and I'm glad we did it! 

It was beautiful and my hubby is really hot! 

I didn't take many pictures of us in Park City but we had a fun and relaxing time! We did the Alpine slide and coaster, went shopping, hit the movies and ate super yummy food! I loved having his full attention! 

We were glad to get our kiddos back though! We sure missed them but we were so thankful that my parents took such great care of them. I honestly never worried about them, I knew they were in great hands! It was such a great of our favorite trips to Utah for sure!

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