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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Last of July...

Here is July from my iphone!

Lylah thought this mannequin was a real person and loved holding her hand haha! 

Since Spencer was hurt I got to take on the yard work for him...totally sucky haha!

I've been wanting a couple of cute chairs for my living room to replace an ugly broken futon and finally got some! We love them! 

Basha fun with Alyssa and Radley!

Preston fell asleep eating his favorite snack...Apples with Nutella!

We went to ikea with friends! Kids ate lunch for free!

Me and Corinne went to a Toms warehouse sale and scored!

Basha again with Jenn, Brooklyn, Peyton and Logan!

A cute messy girl!!

Bathtime fun!

Lylah joined me and Corinne on our girls night!! She loves her Aunt Corinne!

I made flower girls dresses for Tanner and Keeley's wedding!

Me and Lylah getting ready for church. 

Jumpstreet with friends!

Shopping with Preston...this is what he does in Forever 21!

Preston begged me for this shirt in H&M. We just had to get it ;)

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