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COON FAMILY - Spencer, Chelsea, Preston & Lylah

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Happy Fathers Day Spencer...

My kids really lucked out in the Dad department. Everyday after work my kids are literally jumping for joy when he gets home. Preston plans exactly what he wants to play when Dad gets here, usually lots of lego building! Lylah is always full of hugs and kisses. Spencer always has time for them and for that I am eternally grateful. He also provides for our every need. I don't know what my kids need or want that they don't have and they can thank that daddy of theirs for that! He also never leaves home without praying with us, and for us. He is such a good example to our kids of how to obey and love our Heavenly Father. He also leads us in scripture study at night and I can tell how much Preston has improved on his knowledge because of it. He's such a hard worker and also loves to have fun. I couldn't love him more and I know our kids feel the same! Thank you so much Spencer for all you do for us. I don't even know how to begin thanking you. I love our eternal family more then anything!!

Happy Fathers Day, Spencer!! We LOVE you!

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