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COON FAMILY - Spencer, Chelsea, Preston & Lylah

Friday, June 28, 2013

A joyful June...

Grandma came over when we got home from Utah and treated us to some Ice Cream! We love Grandma!

On National Doughnut Day we took lunch and doughnuts to Spencers office and had lunch with him! Our kids loved it!

12 O'clock church is hard...This is how I found Lylah when i picked her up from Nursery!

My kids really enjoyed playing with the puppies! They were super sad to see them all sold!

We spent lots of time Slip n Sliding! This was pictures of a great FHE! 

We helped Corinne pack up and move from her apartment to their new rental house!

My pretty baby girl! 

We had fun with our friends at the Gilbert Water Tower Splash Pad!

Lylah playing in Kamdens swimming pool...fake snakes and one HUGE diaper! 

Preston took a tumbling class from Gilbert Recreation with his buddies Porter and Hunter! They had so much fun there together!

Preston climbing trees in his Sunday best!

Lylah has been the messiest eater lately!

Family movie time! We went and saw Monsters University!

Girls night out with some of my favorite girls! Jenn and Shanna!

Renting books from the Library!

Me and Shanna would go and play Volleyball at night! We had a blast!

Me and Preston made a Police Station out of a box. He played with this for months before it broke!

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