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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Girls + Kids trip to Utah...

 Me and my sister decided to follow my parents back up to Utah to spend a week with them! The drive there was l..o..n..g. But it was worth it! My mom had to work a little so we would take the kids to the park in the morning. We all looked a little homeless...we didn't feel like getting ready that early! haha I love Lylah and Kamden's bed heads!

We also spent a lot of time in the backyard playing with Chloe!


One of the days we took the kids to Thanksgiving Point and went to the Petting Zoo. The kids all really enjoyed it! 

 We, of course, played a ton of games...including fishing haha!

 Relaxing on the hammock...

We also got to go fishing with Papa at Utah Lake. We only caught one :( but still had a great time!

 Uncle Tanner got a new dog Rafiki. The kids all adored the crazy thing! Preston asked me to please take a picture of him and Rafiki so he could always look at it haha! 

As always, we had an awesome trip! Until next time Utah!!

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