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COON FAMILY - Spencer, Chelsea, Preston & Lylah

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013...

This year we had Thanksgiving with the Coons. Luckily they were having it in Utah so we were able to spend time with both our family's! Our kids were beyond excited to go to Grammy and Papas house! 

Preston did NOT want us to get lost. He drew us this map on how to get to Grammys from the Flagstaff house. It had houses, mountains, deer and everything. Pretty much one of the cutest things ever!

Lylah kept saying it was cold and wrapped her self up like this!

The night we got there the kids took baths and Grammy read them storys...

After that I found them cuddled in the same blanket those twos!

Thanksgiving day! Me and my baby girl!

Court, Mom and Dad!

Grammy, Lylah and Papa!! Loved that she totally posed! Spencer and Preston had already left to go play morning football so it was just us taking pics! 

My Thanksgiving turkeys...cutest ever!

We met the Coons at a church in Highland. It was so fun to see everyone and talk to John about his life here in Utah now! 

After we ate, we had a dance party! I'm not much of a dancer but finally participated and actually had a lot of don't really look like an idiot when your with the Coons. They are hilarious and fun and they totally aren't judgin your moves haha! 

Cute Cousins! Preston, Riley and Isaac! 

We played a few games of musical chairs! Kids game where Preston was DEVASTED that he didn't win. Then the men played and Spenc tried hard to win for Preston but didn't quite make it. Then the women played...and guess who won!? Yup thats right...this girl! Preston was thrilled haha!

The next day we met everyone at a park to play. It was a beautiful day! I couldn't believe the weather! I had to take this picture of Spenc...he looked like a homeless man. A sexy homeless man ;). 

I LOVED this picture of these favorite kids! Cousins and best friends! 

Spencer got his Christmas present early, a bow! Well he should have worn a gaurd and this was the result of not doing it. It looked horrible!! 

The girls...not the best picture of us but oh well. I love these women so much and can't tell you how lucky and thankful I am to have them in my life!! 

On the drive home we drove through some clouds! 

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