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Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas 2013...

Christmas gets better each year with our kiddos! They totally make Christmas "magical"! Preston was soo excited this year and Lylah loved every bit of it too! They were spoiled rotten, as usaul! It was a great morning! Lylah got a minnie tent, camping chair, stuffed animals, minnie dishes, purse, cabbage patch doll, walking toy animals, clothes, games, movies, doc mcstuffins kit and more! Preston got a bow and arrow, target, dump truck, soccer ball, construction police set, football, legos, remote control corvette and police mustang, clothes, etc.! They were so excited about every little thing! Spencer got his bow and arrow early and then he got shoes and clothes on Christmas morning! 

Then we headed to Ron and Debbies around noon for Christmas round 2! Preston practiced his bow there and did really good! 

Lots more presents from Grandma and Grandpa! I swear they had at least 5 presents each here too! 

The BEST part was being able to talk to Tiffany!! She is doing so well and looks amazing. It was so fun to just hear her voice and her stories. She is so funny and makes us all smile! We miss her TONS! Not going to lie though, when it came time for me to talk to her I was in tears. Love that girl and love the example shes being for my kids. Can't believe she will still be gone for next Christmas though! 18 months is a LONG time! 

Okay so I was SPOILED this year. On top of new perfume, jewelry, baking sheets, etc. I also got this BEAUTIFUL camera! It is the new Sony A7. Rated #1 camera of the year and its also the new mirrorless design. I was really picky about not having a huge heavy body but still wanted interchangeable lenses. I found this and fell in love. It has everything I was looking for... plus more. Shes a beauty and I am obsessed! Thank You Spencer!!! 

My pictures should look a whole lot better from this point on! Although I don't know how to use it past Auto right now! I'm taking a class starting Feb 3rd so I can really learn how to use it! I'm seriously doing a happy dance right now...SO happy!!! 

Merry Christmas!!! 

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