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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Eve 2013...

We had a great Christmas Eve!! Whenever we get to have Spencer spend ALL day with us then its just bound to be good!

That day we took the kids ice skating at Polar Ice. Lylah was a little young but still liked to go out there ( only when she was held ) and she also just loved running around outside the ice rink! Preston really started to get good! By the end he was doing it all by himself...we were proud and he was SO proud!! It turned out to be a lot of fun! That night we went over to Grant and Jill's and had dinner and games! I didn't get any pictures but we always have fun at Coon get togethers! 

We came home and made cookies for Santa, opened up our new pj's ( kids got pj's, slippers, and new friends to sleep with that night ) we watched the nativity movie, and then drove around town looking at Christmas lights until the kids fell asleep! 

We got things set up pretty quick and headed to bed at a decent hour...yay!!

This was our Christmas card this year! If you didn't get one, I am sorry! I ordered 100 cards and ran out way more quickly then I thought I would! I guess I need to order more next year!  

Merry Christmas Eve!!!

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