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Monday, July 22, 2013

Flagstaff trip gone wrong...

We decided to spend the weekend in Flagstaff with Spencer's parents. We were going to ride on the ranger, shoot the bow, go to a heavy duty truck show and Debbie also brought her horses. The heavy duty truck show was a hit with Preston. They let him get in and tour each truck and he loved it! Lylah was asleep in the stroller the entire time. 

Spencer was teaching Preston how to shoot a bow and we also tried riding the horses. 

Luckily we took Lylah off that brown horse. Minutes after this picture of Spencer was taken, the horse went crazy. It got into an open pasture and starting bucking and running super quickly through trees. Spencer bailed off the horse and ended up breaking his collar bone and got a pretty big gash on his leg. 

I just keep thinking to myself how worse it could have been. Lylah was supposed to be riding that horse with Spencer. Luckily we had a feeling to wait to put her on. I cant imagine what could have happened to my Lylah girl! And luckily Spencer didn't get hurt too bad. This just hasn't been his year! The rest of the trip Spencer just rested and me and the kids took some walks and hung out around the house! 

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