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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Conference Weekend

This weekend was really nice...i love conference not only for the wonderful messages but to be in the comfort of our own home and snuggling up and watching the prophet. Its wonderful. I think one of my favorite talks this time was in elder bednars talk on love and how consistancy is so important. It really hit me hard on how much more i need to be consistant in family home evenings and family scripture study not only for myself but for my children and husband too. Me and Spencer never really have a "family home evening" cause its just the two of us but i really think that it was not only made for when you have kids...its a time to help one another and learn more about eachother and when our lives are as busy as ours its nice to have time dedicated to spend time with eachother. So for now on we are having monday nights as family nights and i will be better at planning something to do. I also think its so important that preston grows up seeing and knowing monday nights are family nights and he will see the importance of it early on. Well last night i took preston on a walk and it was just perfect outside i loved it! I did put a little jacket on preston just to make sure he didnt get cold but he loves being outside so it was very enjoyable.
Preston on our walk...

Tangled up...hes only wearing a diaper cause he had a blow out during conference

Cute smile pictures...

On the couch watching conference :)


Brandi said...

oh gosh chels. that is so true! Couples that grow closer in christ together are the ones who not only stay together but have a great relationship. Paul and i just started the new testement and we are hoping to complete it in 40 days. i am excited. preston is so cute and getting so big!

Taylor and Amanda Lines said...

ohhhhhkaaaayyyyy he is so cute! we need to get together again this weekend last week was so fun! ps you are so cute and creative, i love your handout idea! totally to die for!