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COON FAMILY - Spencer, Chelsea, Preston & Lylah

Friday, October 2, 2009


For a while now weve been going on the weekends to eat REALLY good mexican food. At first i didnt really know what to think...its in someones backyard and they all speak spanish haha. But it is seriously the best mexican food weve ever had. Spencer is in LOVE with the place and we end up going every weekend. Not to mention its super cheap!!! Well tonight we took some of our good friends the "Lines Family". It was alot of fun and they loved it as well!Preston and Saylor...Saylor grabbed Prestons hand at first it was super cute but we didnt get a picture fast enough
Earlier today Preston was way more interested in her then she was of him and tonight it was the complete opposite haha silly babys

Pretty Saylor Moon

Saylor in her seat...shes a very good lil girl

Me and we really need to take more pics together...this one is ugly of me but its the only one we have :(

Long time buddys...Spencer and Taylor

When we first got there Preston was asleep...doesnt he look kinda grumpy haha sooo cute!


Taylor and Amanda Lines said...

that was so fun and so delicious! we'll seriously have to go again next week lol. and thanks for taking pics girl, i am terrible at that! and i agree, we need to take more pics!

TrAvIs aNd SaVaNnA said...

Hey thanks for the comment!!! mmm now i'm craving mexican food!!! I hope you are doing well...your family is so so cute!!