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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Fabulous 4th!

This weekend was fabulous! We started early and left for Flagstaff Thursday night. On our way there we decided to stop in Cottonwood at Brandon and Dawns house to eat and visit and it was sooo much fun. Preston LOVED playing with their cute kiddos and it broke up our trip for Preston which was SO nice since he hates traveling now. She also already had a baby girl present for me and passed down some of her cute baby girl stuff...She is seriously so thoughtful and sweet! I can't wait until this baby is born and I get to dress her up in all things girly! Friday was a pretty relaxed day...we were sorta lazy and enjoyed the cooler weather. Spencer's mission buddy James Pace and his wife and baby girl were driving through Flagstaff on their way to Mexico and dropped by the house to visit. It was so good to see them, I am sad I didn't get a picture of Spencer and Pace. That night we took Preston to a really cool park. We loved that it was surrounded by pretty trees and there was a ton of things for Preston to do.

He also got to drive us home :)...Grandma and Grandpas house is a little out of town on roads with little to no traffic...we would stop once we got pretty close and let him "drive" the rest of the way home. He LOVED it. 

On Saturday Spencer and Preston mowed the lawn...

And then we went to the lake with Dan and Alyssa. Spencer loves wakeboarding in Flagstaff, their lake there is never crowded and its so pretty.

Preston loves to watch his daddy and uncle wakeboard...this is him watching his Uncle Dan :) I love how he crosses his little feet. 

And of course he had to drive the boat :)

And then he fell asleep and rested his head on my baby bump...I guess this huge belly is good for more then one thing haha!

Later that day John made it there and we all played poker and monopoly until late at was super fun! Sunday we went to church and had yummy steaks and played games with the whole family, I loved that we were all there together, we had a TON of fun!

On the 4th we woke up and went to the Flagstaff parade. It was way hotter then we all thought it would be but we had a good time. :)

One of the floats were giving away Mountain Dews and Preston tried to take over mine haha

John took a date to the parade, she knows Tiffany and they had a good time. :)

And here are the good looking Coon men!

And our little family...Don't you like how Preston is sticking out his tongue ;)

Dan and Alyssa... I don't know why Dans face is shaded ( dumb camera )

Cute Preston playing with his stuff he collected from the parade 

After the parade we all went to the lake together!

Little Preston loves his Aunt Tiffany, he started calling her "T" and would yell for her the whole weekend. It was seriously so cute and so funny, he just loves her to death! 

He took turns cuddling with just about everyone...this picture of him and his Uncle Dan was just precious. 

I didn't get any good shots of anyone wakeboarding but I did get some of Spencer and Preston on the tube. This kid LOVES the tube and the water. He is just too cute for words!

We ended up not seeing any fireworks last night :( and we drove home this morning. It really was an awesome weekend. We really need to do more all together as a family. I sure do love that Coon family of mine! And I love that I got a call from Ron about an hour ago thanking me for coming and telling me he had an awesome time and how much he loves that little boy of mine. He told me they all think he's the cutest...I'm glad cause you know I totally agree! He's such a great Father-in-law! I really lucked out with Spenc and his Fam :)

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Danny & Alyssa Coon said...

It sure was a very eventful weekend! Glad we were all able to spend time together!