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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Phone Photos...

I kind of hate phone pictures because they are blurry when you blow them up but this is our life lately. Look how big Kamden is getting, he's sitting up all by himself and is so interested in his big cousin Preston. Preston was showing him his cars and would laugh at Kamden when he would fall over haha we still have to remind preston to be nice and to be soft. I'm so glad hes had Kamden to start getting used to babies being around because pretty soon we'll have a baby with us 24/7!

Speaking of babies I couldn't help but load this picture. This was Preston's first day home, oh my goodness I can not wait to have another tiny baby to cuddle! 

Now that we are on the subject of babies, this is the bedding I want to copy and make for baby girl! I found in online but for a huge ridiculous price of 800.00!!! Barf...who honestly pays that much? Anyways I love all the ruffles but I can't decide on what colors I want to use for her room so I haven't gotten any fabric just yet...

I also found this mobile on Etsy and I think I may just have to copy this as well! It is just so precious!!!

Preston likes to put our shoes on...he will even put on my high heels and try walking around haha. This time he even put on daddies church socks and shoes!

And I also fell in love with this picture all over again...this is us a day or two after we got engaged. I just love the man in my life. He's perfect.

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The Cluffs said...

Love that girl bedding!!!