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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Missing you...

I hate when Spencer is out of town. There's just something missing when he's not around and now that Preston is older he totally understands that Dad never came home and asks for him over and over. Luckily he really doesn't leave us very often, but when he does we miss him TONS. I think this Utah thing just might be harder then I'm anticipating. We need and sure do love Spencer around. But we have been trying to make the best of it, we've played lots outside with the hose, we went to McD's for dinner and played, we watched movies in moms bed, went swimming with Corinne and Kam, and even went and got ice cream cones :). 

Spencer, however, went on a white river rafting trip with his family in Durango, Colorado. I think his fun demolished any kind of fun we tried to have haha! He comes home tomorrow and I can't wait to hear stories and see some pictures and give him kisses. 

Before he left we went swimming...Preston pretty much chose Spencer to be his swimming partner the entire time. Once Spencer gets home its like I'm the old toy getting dusty on the shelf. He rarely chooses me. Don't worry I totally know he loves me, he just has a REALLY cool dad. Who could blame him?

Oh and last night I started taking apart my old car seat cover...I'm covering it and making it oh so super girlie and cute!

Ya don't look too closely, this thing is dirty...its been in storage for a while and is in the washer as we speak...luckily new fabric will be laying over it soon! I thought about showing you a sneak peak of the fabric but i just want it to be a surprise. I can't wait to finish!

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Danny & Alyssa Coon said...

I can't wait to see it when your done! I also can't believe that next month you'll have a baby girl!! Crazy!