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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Its hot...

We really haven't been doing much lately. Because of the heat we do something with water every day though. Preston has been going to swimming lessons and LOVES it now...he doesn't want to leave when the lesson is over. He's been going twice a week and on the days he doesn't do that we are either playing with the hose and his swimming pool in our backyard or we'll go somewhere with water. I took some pictures of him today at his swimming lessons...

Prestons favorite part of his lessons is getting the torpedos from the first he wouldn't stick his whole head in but now he goes right for them and opens his eyes to see. He gets so excited everytime he gets one...its really cute!

He has also mastered the "monkey walk", she will dunk him in the water and he'll grab to the side of the wall and walk himself over with his hands to the shallow part of the pool. 

She has been trying to get him to put his hands up and "glide" to her but he just kinda does a little dance and then jumps haha its pretty funny. But after he jumps he does really good and kicking his little feet and he's starting to move his arms a little bit too.

He also learned how to blow bubbles in the water haha

And he's getting better at floating! 

Her next appointment was canceled so Preston got extra time to play with her and he was having a blast! I'm so glad he ended up loving these lessons and he really has been learning a lot. 

Yesterday we went to the San Tan Mall splash pad and he had a lot of fun! This kid just LOVES water. 

And then he dried off while playing in the play was a fun day!

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Daniel & Carly Morris said...

He's just too cute! Get's cuter and cuter as time goes by. :) When are you leaving for Utah??