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Friday, September 21, 2012

Lylah's "Birth"day...Part 1

Lylah turned ONE this last weekend! I seriously can not believe it! Well we decided to have a big party on the 29th of this month so that my family could make it so we just had a little something for her on her real birthday. We were up in Flagstaff with Spencer's parents. I really really enjoyed the weekend! It was so nice to have Ron and Debbie there to help dote on the Birthday girl. She's had a hard time lately being with anyone but mommy, daddy or Aunt Corinne. But over the course of the weekend she got to spend a lot of undivided attention with her grandma and grandpa and she was smiling and loving all of it! They got to see her funny and sweet side which I was so glad about! We all had a great time!

The morning of her birthday we went to Lake Mary.

Lylah had her first ride on the tube with her dada...

And she also LOVED watching Preston tube as well!

( Yes I know...she doesn't have a life jacket on! Spencer swore there was a life jacket on the boat for her but there wasn't...she borrowed Preston's while she was tubing and then we just held her the rest of the time )

Here's Preston tubing...he always loves it but this time he was pretty sad when that cold water got on him! 

I sometimes squeeze Lylah to death...

Spencer got some wakeboarding in and he landed 2 tricks in a row that he's never been able to do before so he was pretty excited about that! His muscles look so nice in the picture on the left ;)

And here is my sexy man. I love him so...

More of Lylah on the boat...

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