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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A random day...

There are few days when being outside is even bearable during the summer and one of those random days we met up with Shanna and her kids at the park. It was fun to see them...seems like its been forever since we've hung out with them! ( Let's hang out soon Shanna!! ) 

Boys played in the sand and had a blast rolling down the grass hill!

And miss Lylah girl was a mess. She's at that hard age where she desperately wants to play with the other kids but is still just too little! 

I seriously CAN NOT wait until it cools down and we can play outside all the time again!! I am soo looking forward to fall clothes and the fun holidays this year!

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{Bryanna} said...

So fun you have a park close to your house! That Lylah is so darn cute! I love her quilt she is sitting on.
Tell Shanna Hello for me! :)