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Friday, September 21, 2012

Crafting Palooza over Labor Day

I'm officially playing catch up AGAIN. I need to stop forgetting to blog!! Okay so over Labor Day Weekend I did a few craft projects. Spencer's family went to Flagstaff but I decided to stay behind with Lylah. She was being weened and was having such a hard time, especially at night during bed times. So I stayed home, which I really am glad I did. I got to spend one on one time with my Ly bug and it helped a lot with her being weened. And I also got a few craft projects done that I've really been wanting to do! So it was fun...even though I really did miss my boys!

I made a blanket, burp rags and headband gift set for my cousins adoption fundraiser. Shes adopting from Ghana, Africa so I wanted to have it look a little bit like that. It was a hit at the online auction and actually sold for 150.00! I was shocked but so happy that it did so well for them! This is the picture collage I had on the site...

No wonder it did so well, I had the CUTEST model EVER!

Me and my sister made growth charts on that Monday. There have been pictures of these things all over pinterest and I've been wanting to make one for forever! Here is how mine turned out...not gonna lie, I LOVE it!

I decided to put it on my little wall inbetween the living room and kitchen here...

Then I finally did my curtains!! Remember when Preston cut my kitchen curtains here. Well they needed done really bad...those little holes turned to huge holes because he would pull at them. Anyways I had plain white curtains in my living room that I got from Ikea and so I decided to just get the same ones for my kitchen but sew black stripes onto them. I really love the look they brought into my house!

And heres the living room...

Spencer sent me these pictures of Preston driving tractors in Flagstaff while they were there, I think its safe to say they had fun too! 

It was a good Labor Day weekend...even if we were seperated!

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