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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Cali Day 1 & 2- Sea World...

We took a trip to San Diego California to take the kids to Sea World and Lego Land. We had an awesome trip!! Spencer's family ended up coming along too and we all had a great time. With Spencer just having surgery it REALLY helped to have them there. I really appreciated all the help we got! We didn't get into town until later the first night so we just hung around our hotel and swam in the pool! 

 Then we woke up the next day and headed to Sea World! This was my favorite day of the whole trip. I love Sea World! We had to head straight over to rent a wheel chair for Spenc haha. Preston wanted to be the one to push him...that didn't last long ha! Love those boys!

Preston got to touch a big huge turtle!

 We got to take a picture with this big turtle. Lylah LOVED him...she was smiling at him and was giving him hugs. It was the cutest thing ever!

Preston was so brave and rode the Atlantis ride with Daddy and Uncle Dan!

Cutest little Penguins! Lylah and Radley!

But these penguins are pretty dang cute too!! Preston and Aunt Tiff!

We got to see the whale, polar bear and walrus really up close. We were excited!

Spencer had to sit in the wheel chair section at the dolphin show. We were dying laughing at him because hes there with all these old people. He's too young for this! Preston was excited though cause they were pretty great seats! Both my kids loved the Dolphin show!

Lylah has a special place in her heart for her Grandpa. She wanted to watch the whole show with him!

Then we headed over to the Shamu Show! It was Lylah's nap time by then as you can see!

Before we left we headed back to Atlantis to ride it another time! We got a big group photo...some of us with our attractive ponchos! ;)

Love these sister in laws!

Preston got a super cool sword at Sea World! Love my little knight! 

Right before we left we decided to take a hilarious photo. We about died when we saw it. Riding a whale is like.. so fun!

That night we headed to old town and ate some super yummy mexican food and then wanted a dessert. We walked forever to get some really lame root beer floats haha! Luckily the town and shops were super fun to see! All in all we had a perfect day!

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