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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Lylahs 2 months...

Lylah had her 2 month check up yesterday. Her stats are...

11 lbs - 50%
Head circumference - 15 1/4 - 50%
23 1/2" long - 90%

Doc says she has a perfect head, not flat at all. This girl likes tummy time and she also is amazing at holding her head up.

Funny how both my babies have always been above average in length...I'm sure that won't last long since both mommy and daddy are short haha. 

This cute girl has the cutest smile and dimples to die for. Gosh she is just the cutest little girl I've ever laid eyes on. At 2 months she is...

  • Smiling a ton 
  • "coo"ing - sometimes I really think she's trying to tell me stuff
  • rolling over ( sometimes haha )
  • wants to be held constantly
  • likes to be bounced
  • Still a good eater...about every 4  hours
  • Sleeps really well - wakes up once at night and again early morning around 3 and 7

#20- I'm SO incredibly thankful for our health. I can't imagine dealing with health issues, it especially breaks my heart when its with babies and kids. We've been blessed thus far and I'm so thankful. 

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Kay and Krystal said...

Your little girl is SO adorable. I love her dimples..she is just a doll.