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Monday, November 21, 2011

Thankful 21...

This thankful is something I recently got myself into. I have really been trying to keep myself, my children and my house as healthy, clean and pure as I possibly can. I've been trying to be "greener" and started buying "green" household cleaners, etc. But even those have dangerous chemicals. And in the last few months even Johnson and Johnson's company has been all over the news about their baby shampoos and their other products that have dangerous chemicals in them that could lead to cancer. You can read more about that here. It makes me sick thinking that I used that on Preston when he was a baby. This has been going on for YEARS and it's barely on the news for us all to hear. 

Luckily I found a company called Melaleuca. They sell products that are completely safe and natural. No ammonia, no chlorine bleach, no toxic chemicals and best of all they don't even need safety caps for children because if your child got into it, it won't hurt them. If that isn't a huge relief for a parent then I don't know what is. Preston gets into EVERYTHING and I used to worry constantly about where I was going to put my stupid cleaning supplies but now I really don't have to worry.

I switched over a few months ago and I can honestly say that these products work. They clean great ( maybe even better then the stuff I used before ) they smell clean and fresh and again they are completely safe. They also have baby and kid shampoos and body wash that I started using and I love them. My children smell clean and fresh and it gets them really clean and I know its safe! I use their laundry detergent too and I love that as well...I really could go on and on. 

I'm really trying not to sound like a commercial or sound like I'm trying to sell anyone on anything because I'm really not. I don't sell these products. Every customer is referred to by another customer and because I really fell in love with this stuff I just wanted to let anyone who reads my blog know about it because its amazing. So if your these videos ( I recommend watching all 4 videos on the bottom of the page...don't worry they are short ). And if you want to sign up let me know! Each member signs up members that they refer. 
So today I am SO thankful for Melaleuca. I think I'm actually more thankful for the peace of mind that it gave me. Thank You Melaleuca!!

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