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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Thankful #1...

It's November! It's crazy how fast time goes...especially during the holidays! I like the idea of being especially mindful of what I'm thankful for in November, since it is the month of Thanksgiving! The first thing I am thankful for is the most important person in my life. Spencer. All growing up I dreamed of being married. I had a lot of dreams and expectations that my future husband would have. Some of those were silly but some were really important. Spencer is all those important qualities. He's not perfect ( and neither am I! ) but I'll take all of his imperfections over a lot of others any day! I chose the right man for me and I'd choose him over and over and over if I had to do it again. 

It's funny how when you first get married you think your spouse just couldn't be more attractive ( at least i felt that way, hopefully you do too haha ) but seeing Spenc with our babies and being such a loving and sweet daddy makes him so much more attractive. I love how we keep getting closer and closer with time and having a family just makes our bond that much stronger. 
I love you Spencer.


Kay and Krystal said...

You're absolutely right, there is nothing like seeing your husband (well my husband to me :) cuddle your children. It's amazing!

{Bryanna} said...

I just did my thankful post too!! I love doing this! Your blog is so cute! That is such a sweet picture of your hubby and lil girl!