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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Christmas 2011...

Christmas was so fun this year. It gets more fun every year cause the kids get older and start to REALLY enjoy it. I loved seeing Prestons face when he opened his presents. I love that kids won't and try and spare your feelings when they open something they don't like. I had a present with clothes in it for Preston and he would chuck every article of clothing behind him trying to find something in there he wanted haha! Christmas fell on Sunday this year and I REALLY loved it. I wish Christmas was on Sunday every year. We woke up and let the kids open their Santa and stocking presents...

Preston got a scooter and a semi truck from Santa and his stocking was filled with airplanes, trucks, a flashlight and lots of candy. I have to note that Preston was pretty disappointed with his scooter at first. He didn't even want to get on it and me and Spenc were pretty sad but luckily he came around and liked it afterwords. All this boy is really interested in is "BIG" trucks lately. He was way excited about the Semi Truck :). 

Sweet Lylah Kay got a Rapunzel doll from Santa and she got a picture book, a rattle and sunglasses in her stocking. She was pretty interested in the book and she is starting to pick things up and play a little so it was fun :). 

Then we all got ready and went to Church. They had a special musical program and it was wonderful to be able to reflect on Christ and remember what this day is really all about. We took a picture when we got home of us all in our sunday dress.

After we all changed in our comfy clothes again we started opening more presents!

Preston made out like a Bandit...tons of trucks, books, race cars and more!

Lylah got LOTS of cute clothes and some stuffed animals. I loved what she got...everything looks adorable on her!

More pics of everyone and their gifts!

I think its safe to say that little Kamden loved his first Christmas! Love this little nephew!

We all pitched in and got my mom a soda stream soda maker for Christmas this year. She didn't know what to think at first but we all tried it out and that thing is awesome. The soda tastes really good and its actually better for you. No aspartame or high fructose corn syrup. My dad really loves it and I hope my mom does too!

We had Christmas dinner and we played games the rest of the day. It was a great Christmas! Loved being able to spend it with my family this year!

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