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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Doc...

When we got back home we had a doctors visit to go to. Lylah was as happy as could be and didn't cry at all...she just smiled and smiled as her doctor checked her out. Love this girly. And I love her protective brother that kept asking "Lylah okay Mom?". 

Don't you hate waiting for the doctor to come? They stick you in the room and there's nothing for your 2 year old to do but play on the swivel doctors chair.  And you just keep thinking to yourself...this kid is gonna fall and break his head open. So then you get him off and have to deal with the huge temper tantrum because he totally thinks he's big enough to play on it? Wow...happens to me everytime. So we took pictures instead. For some reason the lighting is really weird. 

Anyways look at Lylahs chub! I know...cute right!? Doc says she weighs 14 lbs 11 oz, almost 15 lbs!


Jerry and Charlsye Miller said...

Yes! I hat the wait and hassle of keeping kids entertained while the doctor comes in. I know that everyone there can hear the temper tantrums and it is embarrassing. Then I hear some one else's kid do it too and I know I'm not alone. :)

Corinne and Justin said...

I love those kids! And I absolutely love all Lylahs chub :)