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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Lost and Hardly Ever Found...

My house has some how turned into a deep and dark black hole. Let me explain...

A few months ago Spencer was playing with his wedding ring and Preston wanted to see it for a minute and Spencer let him see it. Well Spencer was also watching a show and forgot to keep watching Preston. Well needless to say its gone. And I mean gone. I have searched high and low. Not to mention how many times I have cleaned the house since then and nothing! Where in the world could it have gone? 

Preston also loves tools. He is always trying to sneak into my cupboards to find the hammer or screw driver so he can "fix" things. Well the bit comes out of the screw driver and he must have taken it out and now its gone. Again I've searched and searched and its no where. 

Yesterday I was adjusting Lylahs car seat so it will fit her better and Preston was right there with me pretending to fix it to. Well one of the pieces is missing now. In a matter of seconds its gone. I know he couldn't have eaten the huge metal thing so WHERE IS IT!!!!!


This morning my camera was missing. Luckily I found it under Lylahs bumbo. No...the other things weren't there but man alive I'm glad I found that camera. I pretty much can't live without a camera. 

So where is this Black hole that only Preston knows about? Who knows...but it's seriously driving me crazy!!!!

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Dan and Carly said...

Man..that's so sad and hilarious at the same time because I've definitely been having those experiences off and on in the last while! I totally feel for you. Thankfully...Dallin is actually pretty amazing with his memory and really good at finding things he was using/playing with/holding etc. Doesn't mean I find everything I've lost but I'm pretty lucky with most. I hope you find your things soon!! It was nice to see you at the shower too :) such cute kids!