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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Court on the Court...

It's basketball season right now at Westlake highschool where my baby sis goes to school. Me and my kiddos only got to go to one game while we were there but we had a great time. Luckily it was a home game because their court set up is the best with little kids. They have a regular bleachers but on top they have an open section with seats so the kids can play and watch while we watch the game...and them :).

Of course this little athletic sister of mine did awesome!

Preston did enjoy watching Court! I love it when he finds her and points her out...sooo cute :)

Corinne and Kamden...they are seriously SO CUTE! 

Me and my baby Lylah...yes shes totally stylin!

When Preston lost attention on the game...he found a friend to play with

And played trucks and airplanes with mini m&ms...

Court being awesome again...

Yes I think Kamden has his eye on one of those dancers haha! 

Preston playing patta cake with melts my heart to see them together and being so sweet. I love my kids SO MUCH. 

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