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Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012

Easter this year was not the best. Spencer and Preston were the only ones who made it to church...

I tried to at least try on Lylah's Easter dress for a cute picture and she ended up throwing up all over it before I could even tie the bow on the back of the dress. I was so sad. 

Okay so lets back up. Lylah still has RSV and her ear infections so I had decided earlier that I wouldn't be taking her to church. It was my nephews blessing day and as much as I wanted to be there I also did not want to take the chance of getting him sick. So we stayed home and its a good thing we did...

My kids got their Easter baskets that morning...

Preston kept saying " Thank You Mom" after he saw each little thing he got. His sweetness makes it easy to spoil him. I kept trying to tell him it was from the Easter Bunny but he just didn't get it. I just love my sweetest cutest boy. 

And Miss Lylah was just thrilled with her new little toys!

Okay so in all of Lylahs eggs I put in those little "puffs" from gerber. When I was at the doctor a few days okay he said that I could start giving her some of those. Well that was a BAD idea. An hour after she had like seriously only 4 or 5 of the tiny things she was throwing up. I'm seriously just breast feeding her for now on until we can figure things out. She can't eat anything without throwing up and it is making me worry. She has another appt. to check on her ears and I'm going to talk to the doctor again about her food problems. :(. 

So me and Lylah chilled at home all Easter. We took a pretty good 3 hour nap and that was probably the highlight of the day haha. Spenc and Preston seemed to have a good day with family so I'm glad they at least had fun. Hopefully next year we'll all be happy and healthy!


Brandi Kristine said...

Poor baby Lylah! I am so sorry Chels! It really stinks not knowing what is going on with your baby. My heart hurts for you. I think just sticking to the nursing is a great Idea as of now. She is obviously not starving(those sweet tubby legs:) so that is comforting. Some times the ears can cause nauseousness. I don't know! Praying for comfort and answers for you! Love you!

Danny & Alyssa Coon said...

We really missed you on Sunday, hope Lylah feels better soon!