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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My poor poor baby...

Lylah is sick. I hate hate hate it when my babies are sick. I want nothing else but to make them better. Well Lylah started coughing Friday night and it has just gotten worse. I took her to the doctor this morning and found out that on top of her teething, she has double ear infections and has RSV. I'm so sad and I just feel horrible for her. 

Why does a baby this sweet and cute have to be sick?

Oh and she has been having problems eating. She can't keep down any rice cereal or oatmeal, every time I give it to her she throws it up. And she wont swallow any of her veges. The doc told me not to give her any more of the cereal or oatmeal and just stick to fruit and veges. I'm hoping she'll start liking the veges soon. Has this happened to any of you and your babies? It's starting to make me worry. 

Here's some pictures we took today at the doctors office...
P.S.- Preston got a hair cut! :)

And luckily I remembered to bring Preston a sucker for after his shot today. Boy did that shot almost ruin the day...good thing this boy loves candy haha!

Look how sweet she is even with all that sickness going on? 

After the doctors we met Corinne and Kam for lunch and the boys LOVED the fountains. 

And Lylah enjoyed the fresh air and looking at her mama...

Miss Lylah girl is getting a blessing from her daddy and grandpa coon tonight :) Get Well sweet girl...Mama hates it when your sad and sick. I love you SO much.


ashley b said...

poor lady! kelsie has had rsv for almost 2 weeks and also had an ear infection. it's just so sad. she is starting to hate her breathing treatments which makes me feel so mean! i hope your little woman gets better quick. that rsv is a nasty little virus!

Danny & Alyssa Coon said...

oh my gosh does preston look so grow up with his hair cut!! i'm so sad for poor little lylah. hope she feels better soon!

Brandi Kristine said...

How old is she now Chels? Are you still nursing? Rayce didn't do ANY baby food until he was one(I know he was preemie but its still really late) and he just wasn't ready.