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Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Zoo...

Yesterday we went to the Phoenix zoo with Corinne, Kam, Shanna, Porter, Hunter and miss Emma! It was a lot of fun and when we got home Preston told me he wanted to go to the zoo everyday haha! 

This was our group of boys checking out the zebra!

And my Miss Lylah girl being a sweetheart...

Preston and Kamden LOVED their water area. Its pretty cool with a tunnel that leads to a slide, though I don't even think any of our kids tried the slide haha! 

Preston splashed water in Kams face and thought it was funny but look at poor kams face! 

This picture was blurry but Preston took Kamden by the hand and was showing him other parts of the water place and it was so cute...

After all the water fun we changed the kids and got lucky when we saw a big orangutan monkey eating some lettuce. The kids (and us as well) just thought it was so cool.

Preston and Hunter on the Lizard...Preston just kept giving it hugs haha

On our way to the petting zoo little Kamden zonked out in his stroller and it was just so cute.

The big boys...

They had tractors for the kids to sit on at the petting zoo and Preston was SO excited. He loves tractors!

The boys went in to pet the goats...

We stopped at another play area so the kids could play and this peacock was driving us crazy haha it kept coming over and looking for food and making us nervous around the kids.

Lylah liked the break from her stroller

Lylah with her Aunt Corinne

And here is Lylahs little friend Emma...isn't she just a doll! We are just a little jealous of all her hair!

We couldn't get the girls to smile but here they are together. They are about 3 months apart but about the same size!

And before we left we let the boys ride the carousal. Preston of course chose the shark!

It was a fun fun day!!!

Me and Spencer actually got a babysitter and we got to go out on a date last night! It turned out to be a great day!


Anonymous said...

Cute pics! love the one of Ems and Lylah. Can't wait till fall when we can take advantage of those passes and not be sweating! :)

Stockbridge Family said...

Lylah has GOT to be the CUTEST baby on the planet! I just want to squeeze her! Glad you love your kids so much, becuase they are ADORABLE!