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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

8 months...

Wow these months are flying by...and these sticker pictures are getting harder and harder haha.

Ya shes figured out that she can just take those stickers right off...and eat them haha. Shes in the stage of putting every little thing in her mouth. Needless to say we have been keeping our floors extra clean. I actually need to go through Prestons toys and throw out anything too small ( or broken ). 

I love this girls personality. She most definitely has one and already is a little diva. Boy do you ( and anyone in a mile radius ) know when she wants or needs something. She is LOUD haha. Even if she isn't mad she is just talking and using her vocals to their limits, always. Last sunday I had to keep taking her out of sacrament meeting because she kept saying "mama" SO LOUD. She wasn't mad but just sooo loud haha.

She says mama and dada

She has her bottom 2 teeth and her top 2 are getting ready to pop through

She follows me around EVERYWHERE...shes a professional army crawler

She started sleeping through the night, then her top teeth started coming and now that has stopped :(

She started eating some fruit and veges and keeping them down. She has a food allergy specialist appt next month

She has no problem gaining weight even when she not eating anything but milk. I make magic milk :)

Her hair is finally starting to grow a little more

She has the cutest smile with the cutest dimple and she smiles ALL the time

Shes in stranger danger mode. She pretty much just knows Me, Spenc, Preston and her Aunt Corinne and Kam. She doesn't see anyone else enough to smile and be friendly with them. 

Shes so happy and super fun right when she wakes up in the morning and after naps

She loves when I sing to her

She loves animals

Shes a mamas girl :)

She tears her bows and flowers off her head and eats them whenever I'm not looking

She has the sweetest laugh ever

We jusy switched to size 4 diapers...she has had way too many explosions lately...hopefully that helps haha

She still has tiny feet! Wears 0-3 months size 1 shoes!

She wears size 12 months 

Shes just our favorite girl ever!!!!

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Corinne and Justin said...

I just love this cute girl so much!!!