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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Willcox trip...

Spencer took a trip to Willcox this last weekend with his Dad, Grandpa, Uncle Rob and his boy Brigham. They also invited their friend Mitch who has some incredibly fast corvette. They had open track day that friday and got to drive a ton and then saturday was race day and they had 4 runs. Cars worked great and they had a blast :). Spencer sure does love this sport and always has such a great time with family. I'm so grateful he gets to go :). 

They brought 2 cars with them this time...the red zo6 corevette that Spencer drove and the red viper that Ron drove. And I'm pretty sure that black car behind them is Grandpas car. ( I really should have spencer write these posts, im not there so im going off stories and pictures ).

Spencer and Grandpa on the track

Ron in the viper...

Grandpa and Rob resting in the car trailer...


Spenc cleaning up the cars...

Working on Mitch's car

And here they all are with the cars

We missed Spencer while he was gone but so glad that he got to have a fun weekend after finishing up at ASU. Thats right he is completely done and graduated ASU with his bachelors in Kinesiology. Yay! Now on to deciding whether or not Law School is in our future. He's already been accepted with scholorships but he's still debating. We will see! I'm so proud of him though and am so grateful for all he does for us. I'm one lucky girl that is for sure!

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